Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Signs of Progress

I wanted to show you the progress that was being made on the building. This big piles of dirt at the gate will soon be transformed into bricks for the second floor. Above you will see a wooden scaffolding in front of the building. That is how they get cement from one floor to another in the building process. It is amazing to watch as it all moves up a shovel full of cement at a time (or brick by brick). Thanks to all of you that have contributed to the project. Please pray that we will have the funds to see it through to completion.

Please pray for my little friends and their families. Pray that we would have good relations with our neighbours, that they would see Christ in us and come to know Him and that God would be at work in our community.

The school year is ending here soon. This was the final project for Ben's music class a musical that involved the 4-8 grade classes. Please pray that we would end well. Pray that our staffing needs would be filled and that I wouldn't take on too much for next year (It is so easy to do when there are so many needs).
Have a great week!

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