Thursday, January 12, 2012

Minstry Centre in Niamey: New Endeavour for 2012

Happy New Year everyone!
I know that I am a little late for this greeting, but it is still January so I think it counts. I hope that everyone of you had such an amazing holiday that you didn't have a free moment to look at our blog (because I was too busy to update) or that you enjoyed finally getting caught up on our old blogs.

But now for the latest news!

Some of you may remember an older blog that I wrote about buying property for a ministry centre for the church that looked something like this.

The week before we left Niger it looked like this.

The day before we left Niger it looked like this!
This was the result of a gift from the estate of John Sigsworth and some money that came through the FM church in Canada.

But ideally we would like to have it look something like this:
This building would serve many purposes:
  • to provide us with the opportunity to continue to reach out in the neighbourhood that we have developed contacts in 
  • a place to continue our kids ministry and develop other minstries that might help to meet the needs of the community
  • a leadership training centre for church leaders
  • guest house and living space for us and those that may come to help us (or have need)
  • offices for the administration of the FM church as it grows
  • possibly provide a gathering place for another FM church
The possiblities go on and on, but I confess that the building project seems overwhelming. Not just the amount of money that would need to come together for it to happen but also the incredible amount of details that go into a project of this sort. It is all too much for me (especially because I have no background in construction), but the good thing is that those are the kind of projects that God specializes in -- the kind where we have to acknowledge that we can't do it without Him and He gets all of the glory.
Will you pray with me that if it is God's will that everything will come together for this building and that He will be glorified not only in how it happens but by all that goes on there?

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