Friday, December 29, 2006

Anniversay Number 12

I must have been out of the country too long...

Yesterday was our anniversary and someone recommended a restaurant that was "reasonable" to go out to celebrate. When I saw the prices on the menu I couldn't believe my eyes. Needless to say it was a wonderful evening (that cost about the equivalent of a weeks groceries) and we are grateful to all those contibuted to the anniversary dinner budget. It was wonderful!

I confess though the best part of our anniversary came in the person of Pete deVos who installed our fan in the upstairs bathroom. It is wonderful to know that I no longer have to come out of the shower and open the window to the cold air. THANKS, PETE!

It was great having Dave's mom and dad stay with us from Christmas until today. It is unfortunate that Dave's dad had to leave before he got all my little jobs finished--I guess there is always next time.

We are looking forward to a visit from Miss Botheras today. She was Cole's grade one and two teacher from Niger that is in Canada visiting her parents for the holidays.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning

It's confirmed that the boys take after Dave. It's 6:30 am on Christmas morning and everyone is still sleeping. (Where did I go wrong!) When I was growing up the only day of the year that it was ok to wake everyone in the morning was Christmas and we were so filled with excitement that we were up extra early. Dave on the other hand doesn't do mornings. (I must admit though this year he has been doing really well getting up to help get the kids off to school). But if he can help it he would much prefer to sleep in on a holiday even if there are presents waiting for him.

We had a great Christmas Eve! We were in Caistor Centre in the morning (it still feels like going home every time we go back there). It was great to see so many friends and some special people that aren't always there. It was amazing because as I was driving through Smithville I was thinking of a couple of families that live there, but didn't think that I would see that morning and to my surprise they were in church in Caistor. God is so good! Then we celebrated Christmas with the Lawrences in the afternoon and went to Grapeview in the evening. I had a tremendous answer to prayer there. The church was full to overflowing. They had to put out extra chairs and the drama was excellent! They really did a great job. I'm sorry that my camera isn't working, so I didn't get pictures. I hope the ones that I took with Mary Elsie's camera turn out for her.

This morning we are to do stockings at Grandma & Grandpa Lawrence's (in our matching tiger pj's) and then celebrate with the Wrights at Jim & Rose's. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas too and have time to find the wonder of Jesus today.

PS The picture is Walmart's version of what we look like. Notice how much weight we have gained since last year. (UGH)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sick for Christmas

I think this Christmas might be a little different from last year. (Don't you love our Christmas tree!) I don't think that we'll be wearing shorts this year. But there are some things that never change...

I know that the Christmas season has finally arrived at our house because we are sick. I can't remember very many Christmases when I was a kid that I wasn't sick and now Cole is following in that tradition. Both years that we were in Niger Cole was sick for the last few days of school before Christmas. (Yes I am more or less holding him up in the picture). This year both Ben has been home since Monday and the school called yesterday for us to get Cole are sick and now I'm coming down with something.I know that I must be sick because it is 2:45am and I have resorted to taking NeoCitron in order to be able to breath and sleep (and I REALLY hate the taste of that stuff), but if it will buy me some sleeping time I'll take it!

It is unfortunate that we missed the Christmas concert for the boys school last night. Cole was really looking forward to putting Frosty together. I suspect that the Grandparents were as disappointed as anyone since both sets were actually planning on being there.

Please pray for us that we can get through this quickly. My sister's father-in-law is going through chemotherapy right now for lung cancer and they aren't allowed to visit him if they are sick. So, we might not get to see my sister's family if we are all sick and the boys will be really disappointed if they don't get to see their cousins--not to mention the fact that Grandma hasn't been able to find the present that they really wanted for Christmas (a Wii). Hopefully they won't find Christmas too disappointing.

If I don't get to this again before next Monday: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Comfort in Isaiah 43

I’ve been reading Isaiah 43 again this morning and just reflecting on how awesome God is. He made us, and knows us, and even more amazing is that He still wants us. He is willing to pay the price to redeem us despite our flaws. He doesn’t take us out of our difficult situations, but Isaiah says, “When you pass through the waters I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the Lord your God.” What a comfort. This same God that created the universe was willing to change land formations for his people and create streams in the desert. Wow, what a God!

Maybe you are going through some deep waters in your life today and need to know that someone cares. Reach out to God. He is there and knows and cares and will be with you. We are praying for you!

We are either off to Brantford to Freedom Christian Community or Grapeview this morning(depending on whether we need to be relief actors for a Christmas performance), blessings!

Friday, December 15, 2006

What Christmas? Or feasting?

If you had a look at our house you wouldn't think that Christmas was coming. The neighbours are all decked out and our place is a shambles at best. We have been going crazy with school work (in fact Dave is dancing around the living room trying to catch his second wind to complete his last paper as I write) and travel.
I can't say that we haven't had some idea that Christmas is coming, but now that I think about it I'm beginning to wonder if Christmas doesn't equal food in our house. Let me explain: We were invited to participate in the Christmas banquet on Dec.1. at Caistor Centre (It was great to see so many people and ah the turkey dinner!). From there we went to Bracebridge where we were greeted with a sandwich luncheon after the service for their annual church decorating. Then we spent the last Sunday (Dec. 10th) at Tillsonburg where we were invited to stay for a joint potluck with the Port Rowan church. I was able to get to Zion (the FM church in Sombra) to meet with the ladies sewing group and again I was met with a pot luck. Do you see the trend?
Now maybe I'm just confusing the Christmas festives and feeding the resident missionaries, but either way, I'll take it!
All this talk about food reminds me of the fact that we have been so greatly blessed by so many of you. I was thinking about this (and blessing the people at Holt FMC) as I put the last of the can goods they gave us for Thanksgiving in the cupboard tonight--yes they gave us so many canned goods and fruits and vegetables that we couldn't get them all into our cupboard! Wow, I'm still thunderstruck thinking about it. There have been so many of you that have been so good to us over the last few months and we are so truly grateful. We thank God for all of you and hope that you are as blessed as we have been.
Sorry, I don't have a recent picture of us to prove to all of you that you have been a little too good to us (and we have all gained back the weight we lost in Niger and then some!)--our camera is playing tricks on us.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bad timing or pure craziness

I can't believe the things I end up getting myself into. After surviving the latest foundations course (it was actually quite good for history and polity of the FM church!). I've been sick all week but today I decided to grout my front entrance way. I don't know whether I was delusional from not enough sleep or procrastinating from my two foundations courses papers or what, but it had to be done. Afterall the tile had been laid almost a week ago. So with my sinuses full and my head not quite pounding I spent the morning on my hands and knees spreading grout. For anyone considering doing it themselves I have one recommendation--buy the knee pads. It isn't worth saving the ten bucks you only have one set of knees!
We're going to Zion FMC this weekend pray for us and we'll see you there.