Friday, February 8, 2013

Headaches & Other Adventures

I hope that not too many of you have been searching for new updates and come up empty these last two weeks. Unfortunately I have fallen victim to headaches the last few weeks, both the physical and the figurative kind and as a result have let the blog slide. (Dave was going to pick up my slack but was too caught up in editing his thesis). The figurative ones have come in the form of trying a new program to send our newsletter with. Just when I think that I am getting it figured out and that it is going to work something goes wrong and I have to start all over. (Maybe this coming week I will be able to get it to work). I am also still trying to sort out the source of the physical headaches. It may be as simple as not drinking enough and getting dehydrated, but I am afraid that it is more likely due to changes in my vision. I was supposed to go visit my doctor friend today for some tests, but got a little side tracked and didn't make it. Oh well, maybe things will slow down a little next week, so that I can look into it then.

This past week Dave and I participated in an Ajami workshop. Ajami is when Arabic letters are used to write in other languages. This was a review workshop for Dave but something new for me. Hopefully we will be able to put these skills to use when dealing with some of our friends and neighbours that don't read Roman characters but where trained to read the Arabic letters at Qur'anic schools.

The bricks are starting to build for the new ministry centre and we are hoping that there will be enough of them starting this week to start work on the first floor walls. Please continue to pray that this will be built well and will be a blessing to all that visit or use the facilities.

We are praising God that Dave was able to complete the first draft of his thesis last week and only has some revisions to do in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for this.