Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry this took so long to post, it was written a few weeks ago but got over looked in the moves and internet complications...

Transition looks like many different things to many different people but to TCK’s (Third Culture Kids: those that are born into one culture and raised in another) transitions become a huge part of their lives. Right now we are in the thick of transition, so our house is torn apart with boxes everywhere, some that have been packed and re-packed only to be broken into one more time because you realize that you really need something out of it in order to get through.

There are some really good things that happen at these times of transitions, like the way things are re-evaluated. There are a lot of things that you realize you don’t need and can live without or that someone can make better use of than you have been. This is especially true when you are putting things into storage for an extended period of time and have seen the damage that mice and termites are capable of. There are so many reminders of how blessed we are. The fact that we have so many boxes to pack and so much furniture to lend to others while we are away are huge testimonies to that. It is really nice to be able to pass some of that blessing on to others. Transitions also provide the opportunity to re-evaluate relationships, to give thanks for those who have become so important to you, to encourage those who will be carrying on without you, as well as to ask forgiveness or to seek healing in those relationships that have not gone the way that you intended. So, thanks to all of you that have been remembering us over our time here in Niger.

One thing that is for sure, transitions are never easy. Anyone who has ever had to say good bye can attest to that. No matter how much you are looking forward to what lies ahead or how challenging what you are leaving, good byes are never pleasant. Please keep us in your prayers (especially the boys) as we enter into this time of extended transition.

We are in our third house since I wrote this (a few weeks ago) and still have two more to go before we can settle for awhile. Our sincerest apologies to those that have sent us e-mails for church bookings we hope to be able to respond to them soon. Thanks for your patience with us we are looking forward to seeing you soon.