Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning

It's confirmed that the boys take after Dave. It's 6:30 am on Christmas morning and everyone is still sleeping. (Where did I go wrong!) When I was growing up the only day of the year that it was ok to wake everyone in the morning was Christmas and we were so filled with excitement that we were up extra early. Dave on the other hand doesn't do mornings. (I must admit though this year he has been doing really well getting up to help get the kids off to school). But if he can help it he would much prefer to sleep in on a holiday even if there are presents waiting for him.

We had a great Christmas Eve! We were in Caistor Centre in the morning (it still feels like going home every time we go back there). It was great to see so many friends and some special people that aren't always there. It was amazing because as I was driving through Smithville I was thinking of a couple of families that live there, but didn't think that I would see that morning and to my surprise they were in church in Caistor. God is so good! Then we celebrated Christmas with the Lawrences in the afternoon and went to Grapeview in the evening. I had a tremendous answer to prayer there. The church was full to overflowing. They had to put out extra chairs and the drama was excellent! They really did a great job. I'm sorry that my camera isn't working, so I didn't get pictures. I hope the ones that I took with Mary Elsie's camera turn out for her.

This morning we are to do stockings at Grandma & Grandpa Lawrence's (in our matching tiger pj's) and then celebrate with the Wrights at Jim & Rose's. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas too and have time to find the wonder of Jesus today.

PS The picture is Walmart's version of what we look like. Notice how much weight we have gained since last year. (UGH)

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