Friday, December 15, 2006

What Christmas? Or feasting?

If you had a look at our house you wouldn't think that Christmas was coming. The neighbours are all decked out and our place is a shambles at best. We have been going crazy with school work (in fact Dave is dancing around the living room trying to catch his second wind to complete his last paper as I write) and travel.
I can't say that we haven't had some idea that Christmas is coming, but now that I think about it I'm beginning to wonder if Christmas doesn't equal food in our house. Let me explain: We were invited to participate in the Christmas banquet on Dec.1. at Caistor Centre (It was great to see so many people and ah the turkey dinner!). From there we went to Bracebridge where we were greeted with a sandwich luncheon after the service for their annual church decorating. Then we spent the last Sunday (Dec. 10th) at Tillsonburg where we were invited to stay for a joint potluck with the Port Rowan church. I was able to get to Zion (the FM church in Sombra) to meet with the ladies sewing group and again I was met with a pot luck. Do you see the trend?
Now maybe I'm just confusing the Christmas festives and feeding the resident missionaries, but either way, I'll take it!
All this talk about food reminds me of the fact that we have been so greatly blessed by so many of you. I was thinking about this (and blessing the people at Holt FMC) as I put the last of the can goods they gave us for Thanksgiving in the cupboard tonight--yes they gave us so many canned goods and fruits and vegetables that we couldn't get them all into our cupboard! Wow, I'm still thunderstruck thinking about it. There have been so many of you that have been so good to us over the last few months and we are so truly grateful. We thank God for all of you and hope that you are as blessed as we have been.
Sorry, I don't have a recent picture of us to prove to all of you that you have been a little too good to us (and we have all gained back the weight we lost in Niger and then some!)--our camera is playing tricks on us.

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