Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good News and Disguised Gifts

This week we had the pleasure of going to a graduation ceremony for Pastor Soter and his wife Penine who both successfully completed their bible diploma through modular and evening courses. This was no simple task. The courses are designed to be the equivalent of a four year program but for many reasons it took them closer to ten years to complete. Soter completed two different diplomas during that time and was honoured for having the top marks in his class 96%. We are blessed to be able to work with them and pray that God will continue to bless them and their ministry.

The other piece of good news I received this week was that my washing machine is being replaced. My "semi-automatic" machine that had been through the flood needed some help and what seemed like an increasing amount of Fonzie style banging to make it through a cycle. So I was relieved when an email of sale items was sent to me by some missionaries that were leaving and included on the list was a washing machine. I will try not to complain about how long it takes to do a load again especially now that I don't have to listen and wait for it to stop so that I can restart it. Thanks to all of you that saw the flood pictures and prayed or sent gifts to help replace it.

I was also able to get a newsletter out this week. If you thought you were on my e-mail list and didn't get it or want to be on our mailing list drop me a note so that I can fix the problem. I am still trying to working out some of the kinks of the new program.

This week also held some gifts that on the outside looked like struggles. I had a really bad stomach bug that wiped me out for the first half of the week. Although I really wouldn't recommend getting sick to anyone, it did forced me to slow down, take lots of naps and the immobility allowed me extra time to focus on spiritual things and computer work. Thanks to all of you that have been praying for my health. I am starting to feel better and actually made it to school today. I am just hoping that I didn't end up taking too much pepto-bismol! Please pray that I don't pass my illness on to anyone else at this crazy time of year when exams are quickly approaching.

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