Friday, May 10, 2013


It is amazing how God provides new possibilities at just the right time. We have been working on the building of the Ministry Centre since the beginning of the school year and we are just about to the point where the ceiling for the first floor will be finished.  I was told this week that we may have to put the construction on hold for a little while as the funds have not yet arrived to finish the building ($70,000 of the estimated $170,000 has come in). It has been interesting to hear our kids when we do our family devotions in the morning pray about the construction with conviction and faith. I think that in many ways God honours that kind of faith and I am interested in seeing how He will continue to provide in this situation.  But I suppose that this is a bit of a tangent from what I started talking about.  The possibilities that I started talking about come in the form of people. In the last little while we have had two young men coming to our church in Kwara Taji that actually live in the neighbourhood of the Ministry Centre. (Theses are a neighbourhood or two apart). Then a couple of weeks ago I had a call from a missionary friend that asked if we had anything started on our new site as she had two friends that live in the area that were new believers that she wanted to connect to a church. We had these ladies come the church in Kwara Taji last week but our prayer is that God is building a core group that will be willing to go and start a new work in our Ministry Centre. Hopefully with the ceiling being completed soon we will be able to start a morning prayer meeting on the site.

Please pray that God will raise up the right group of people to start another FM church at this site and pray that the finances will come in so that we can finish the building process and move back to the neighbourhood

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