Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recent Challenges

I lay down and slept
I awoke for the Lord sustains me.
I will not be afraid of then thousands of people
Who have set themselves around me.
 Ps 3:5-6

Last night I received an anxious call from the pastor of our church here in Niamey. The church meets on his property at the edge of town, not far from the local training base for the gendarmes (kind of like the Canadian RCMP). He said he had just been on the way home for the night and as he passed the front gate for the gendarmes camp there was an exchange of gunfire. He said he watched as shop keepers across the street ran for cover as he quickly made for home. I’m still waiting for the details on who attacked but most likely it was the same group that attacked a military base in a northern town and the local prison in the last couple of weeks. The Islamist rebels in Northern Mali have vowed revenge on Niger for assisting the French and the government forces in overthrowing the rebellion. Everyone seems to be fine today though no official details have come out regarding the attack yet.

Please pray for the peace  in Niger and also that the Pastor Soter would have wisdom as he leads the congregation and relates to his community.

PS Dave wrote this four days ago and since then we have had four hours of power (all occurring in one evening). Please pray that the electric company finds a way to resolve their issues.

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