Thursday, May 31, 2007

Patience or Long Suffering or Just Taxes

I’m tired and have had some of the wind blown out of my sails today. We received notice that all the child tax benefit money that we received for 2006 (and then some) had to be returned to the government. I had been expecting something because we had sent in an adjustment stating that the expense money we had received in Niger was our world income. We were informed afterward that this was money to cover expenses and therefore not income, but that was after the papers had gone to the government and I’m just too tired to argue with the tax man, so I’ll probably just pay it. I am saying to myself that it is only money, but it just hurts to lose so much!
This past weekend we discovered that we created a monster! We had introduced the boys to Calvin and Hobbes comic books this past fall not really thinking about the possible repercussions. On Sunday while we were trying to take family pictures with the Wright clan at our new niece’s baby dedication, Ben decided to pull a “Calvin” and every time the photographer tried to take a picture he made a face. (Sorry this picture is a bit too small to see--but maybe that is a good thing!)

Please pray for Cole this week he has been really acting up lately and we aren't sure that we are getting to the source of the problem. You can pray for Dave and I too as we deal with his meltdowns it can really drain the patience. Thanks to all we have been praying about the packing and finishing the renovations, it feels like we have made some headway this week, but there is still a long way to go! --This is Dave's "quick" installation of new kitchen taps to stop the leaking.

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