Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Immunization Day

This is me…really it is! Yes, I am feeling just about as dead as I look here.

Today was “I” day in our house, the disastrous day when we all headed in for our latest round of immunizations. The boys had to have two and Dave and I had to have one. However there was no consoling the boys, because they know what immunizations are all about (they had to have 12 the last time that we went to Niger). It didn’t matter to them that they only had to have two of them or that these are designed to keep them alive! [I know that sounds overly dramatic but the extra one that they had was for Typhoid Fever a disease that killed a little boy from Cole’s class in Niger shortly after we returned to Canada last June.] They really didn’t care (at least at that moment). They knew that pain was coming and they were going to make as many people feel it with them as they could. I got to sit in the lobby and apologize to horrified passers by while Dave sat in the chair with each of them shrieking in turn. Then after all the fireworks were done, I got to have my own dose of fun. (My arm is still aching). Dave was talking to his brother Jim later in the day and his response was, “you know I love you man, but I’m NEVER coming to see you in Africa!”

It is amazing how we can know that something is good for us and that it is really “short term pain for long term gain” … yet we will still fight it and frequently that fight just makes it worse! There is many any object lesson here, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions....

By the way this picture of the boys is the calm before the storm.

We had an incredibly busy but really good mother’s day weekend. It started with a presentation Friday night in Yarker were we got to meet both Dan Sheffield’s parents and Raymond Hartman’s parents among others. We were on to the regional gathering at Smith’s Falls where we meet with many new and old friends. Then we were on to Courtice where we were warmly welcomed and had a lot of fun (and hopefully we ministered to those who gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day). Thanks so much for all of the amazing hospitality we were truly blessed!

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be at Wesley Chapel on Saturday because the Ladies Tea was cancelled, but we were invited to visit Cole Lake on Sunday and are looking forward to that (especially Cole :) ).

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