Thursday, May 10, 2007


Have you every tried to renovate your home and keep it clean enough to have real estate agents show it at a moments notice? Factor into that a six year old that doesn't think that he is playing unless the floor of his room is covered with toys and a husband that is trying hard to do a night course (that runs every night for two weeks straight) and you have some idea of how things are going in my house hold. Cole also had track and field this week to add to our running around. He didn't do very well, but he seemed to have fun and at least he tried.
Last night was a killer, when I was trying to get the kids ready for bed I went into Ben's room to help him get the room cleaned up and noticed some art work on the wall that hadn't been there before. I asked Ben how it had got there and he told me that he had glued them to the wall! (He had also forgot something on one of the pictures and had to add some black marker which also found its way to the wall). Needless to say, my voice got a little loud and Ben cried when I made him try to pull the pictures off the wall because he had put so much work into them -----they were pretty good. Luckily, he had used glue stick and it hadn’t completely dried, so after some scrubbing and a lecture about how to get your pictures hung on the wall we were back in shape. Well, almost— because after that we went to brush our teeth in the bathroom and Cole decided to hang on the new towel bar which proceeded to rip off the anchor. What a night.

We were able to be a part of our home regional gathering on Saturday which was really nice to be able to connect with a number of our supporting churches. It is unfortunate that no one from Caistor could make it. Then we were off to New Hope in New Market last Sunday. It was really great to reconnect with friends from Pine Orchard camp and to meet some new people. We took the camera but forgot to use it. Sorry! Hopefully we will do better this weekend when we get to do a triple header: Yarker on Friday, Smiths Falls on Saturday and Trull’s Road on Sunday! In case I don’t see you personally, Happy Mother’s Day one and all!

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