Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vacations and Temperature

Thanks to everyone who was praying that we would have a good vacation. We really appreciate your prayers and want to let you know that they were answered. We also want to thank the folks in Cloyne who took care of Dave on the weekend while we were gone. I am really sorry to have missed meeting with you and hope that I will have an opportunity to at another time. Our last minute trip to Florida to visit Grandma and Grandpa was a great surprise for the boys and they really enjoyed themselves. We tried to balance out fun things to do and the shopping for supplies that we need to take back to Niger (it is easier to find summer clothing in a warmer climate). The best part was that all the clothes I bought for Dave actually fit, God is good!

The boys told us this week that they are ready to go back to Niger. They said that they never complained about the heat while we were there and amazingly enough I think that was pretty true. I hope that they are still looking forward to going back to Niger when the weather warms up in Canada.

I want to also thank those of you that remembered to pray for me while I was participating in the Ministerial Candidate interview. I think that that went pretty well and that they are going to let me go back to Niger. We look forward to going to our home church in Caistor Centre this week to worship.


Beth said...

It's so neat to hear that your boys are ready to go back to Niger. I'm so glad that they look forward to it! I'm sure both of them are anxious to see their old friends. Do you have a departure date?

Jenn & Dave said...

It is really good to know that there is someone out there reading my ramblings! No we don't have a departure date yet. We are still waiting for our support to fall into place.