Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Long Days. Papers and Prayer Requests

Hi all!
I'm so tired as I write this and I'm not sure how much is actually a physical tired. Dave and I are in the thick of writing papers for school and I just got one back that I really didn't do well on--hopefully the TA will be able to shed some light on the comments that she made so that I can at least learn from my mistakes. But it really makes you want to give up...
Did I mention that the boys are off for the March Break? I hope that they are having some fun being off school, I'm not sure that Dave and I are the best company right now, but we are trying to make time for them and still get some school work done. Luckily they have been going to the YMCA March Break Fun program for 2 hours in the mornings with their cousins, but that still means we are putting in late nights on school work in order to give them some of our day time.
Please pray that we get through the school work this week and that the boys have some fun. You can also pray for Cole--he doesn't know this yet but next week he will be getting casts put on both feet to help with the toe walking and to stretch out the tendons and muscles in his calfs (it is to try and prevent him needing surgery in the future). The casting goes on for 6 weeks if all goes well.
Sorry I don't have any funky new pictures to add this week--I've been too busy researching "cultural identity", but you can find me in the picture gallery at the FMC website under the Intro to Bible course pictures.

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Beth said...

Hi again! Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you guys especially in regards to Cole and the casts that he will be having put on his feet.