Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dave's Turn...

It’s done. We’re both done. Well only sort of… As Jenn mentioned last week was the week of the paper—we both had our work cut out for us. I managed to put out almost thirty pages between Thursday and Monday morning but at last it’s over and all of the books are back to the library (and friends from whom I’d borrowed them.) Jenn has hopefully figured out the unique marking scheme of her TA sufficiently to sleep well now that her paper is done also.

The boys seemed to have a good March Break despite mom and dad’s crazy work load. They enjoyed swimming and participating in a morning program at the Y with their cousins and on their last night they decided to “camp out” in the basement. I’ve included pictures of this and Ben’s sense of style for last Sunday. Cole had his first pair of casts put on Tuesday, after the three of us (Dad, Cole and Ben) had our ears cleaned out at the specialist’s office. (We all develop excessive amounts of ear wax—inherited it from my Dad, but my wife thinks it’s just an excuse. “What did you say dear?”) Cole seems to be doing fine with his new casts so far, or at least he isn’t complaining about them. Today was a big day at school when everyone in the class gets to show off their science project. Cole had fun making his magnet game over the March Break but wasn’t too excited about writing down all the rules. Hopefully today is a good day for him since he sometimes struggles to fit in at school.

Ben, who is king of the earwax, (and, ‘What did you say mom?’) is starting to enjoy our spring like weather. He even wanted to walk to school instead of driving today! I’m afraid if it gets too much warmer he’ll want to stay in Canada, instead of returning to Niger.

Pray for us as we finish out the terms with classes and exams. We are still waiting to hear from the Nigerien Embassy and for the final portion of our support to be pledged. We’ll be in London this Sunday.

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