Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving Forward

Our new gate is hung.

The water is in.
This coming week we are hoping that we can take the money out of our account here to get the builders working on bricks for the new building! Praise God that we are moving ahead with the new Ministry Centre.

Please also pray for us this week. We are considering buying a new used vehicle (the mechanic is looking at it on Monday). I am hoping that this works out for the sake of Dave's back and for the sake of our growing boys that are having a hard time fitting in our car (especially behind Dave!). We are also continuing in our search for a house to rent through the building process. Please pray that God will lead us to the right neighbourhood and that through this we might make new connections for the possibility of another church plant.

Another praise note, the two teachers that are living with us because they lived on campus at the boys school (that is essentially in the Niger River and will be until next Spring) have found a house. Pray that it will be fixed and painted for them in a timely fashion so that they can move in soon (maybe even before school re-starts on Sept. 17th??)

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