Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One step at a time

We have much to praise God for despite the struggles we have had this week. We have succeed in getting things in place for a bank account to allow finances for the building to be transferred. The architect that drew up the plans for the building has agreed to oversee the construction (we just have to get enough of a down payment here for him). We are well on our way to having a door built for the property and hopefully it will be hung next Tuesday. We spent almost the whole day on Monday chasing paperwork and making arrangements to have the water installed, which should be completed sometime in the next two weeks. So pretty soon we will be able to begin building bricks and see some physical progress with the building. I am told money has come in already to cover about 1/5th of what we expect the building will cost, but we believe that God will continue to provide as the need arises. Thanks to the many of you that have contributed!

We are also excited about how God is working in the church. They have started holding nightly prayer meetings to intercede for their community and to consider where God would direct them to plant another church. There has been great need with the food shortages and the flooding but in the church there is a sense of anticipation about what God is doing.

Please continue to pray for us and the teachers that we have taken in because of the flooding. Pray that we would be able to find more permanent housing arrangements (where we are now is only available for a couple of months and could really be used by the mission organization that rented it to us). We were told this week that our old house is available--pray that it might be affordable or that we would be able to find something better. Pray also for Sahel Academy that they would be able to find an appropriate place to hold classes.

Dave could really use your prayers with all of the distractions of the flooding and getting things started with the building he hasn't had much time to focus on his thesis. On top of that his computer was attacked the other day and he is afraid that he may have lost some important files. His first chapter on church planting movements is due supposed to be due at the end of this week, but I am afraid that it might be late.

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