Friday, September 21, 2012

Much to Be Thankful For

We have much to be thankful for (despite some major internet problems):
-The boys and I are just finishing our first full week of school in the new buildings.
-We were able to get a vehicle for a reasonable price that Dave and the boys can fit into
-We have found a house to rent and are hoping that repairs on it have started so that we can paint and move in soon.
-The teachers that have been living with us for a little over a month now are moving out into their own place this weekend.

I will try to include a few more details and maybe some photos when I can, but we have had a few good rain storms over the last two weeks and they have knocked out our phone lines (and the internet with them). I am borrowing someone elses at the moment and they have been experiencing their own problems, so I am not sure whether this will have time to publish.

Please continue to pray for Dave and his papers. All of the details of the house hunting and rental have taken a lot of his time and distracted him from writing. Also, forgive us for not responding to e-mails right now because of the internet problems. Hopefully they will all be fixed soon.

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