Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Spring" Break

The boys have been home the last two weeks for spring break. We had tossed around the idea of an escape to Ouagadougou, or Jenn had a friend going east to a place called Goure to visit friends. In the end we stayed home and just slept in a later than usual. Not too late though--morning walk to Zarma classes for 8 AM has kept things moving for the most part. Ben has been asking about tennis for the last few weeks and so we decided to sign up the whole family for an hour of tennis lessons four times over the break. (Yes that means about 15 minutes a person at each lesson, but at 3 pm in the middle of hot season that's enough. As the life guard at the rec centre commented at our first lesson, "Oh so you're the ones who signed up to swim in the sun instead of the pool!")

Hot season has come but the power company hasn't, so we haven't turned on our air conditioners yet. The boys spent a couple of nights sleeping in a mosquito tent on our roof but we broke down and bought a portable humidifier. These days everyone is sleeping in one room in order to share the little bit of cool it passes on. The only problem is it seems to run out of water by 2 AM which might not be too much of a problem if it didn't continue to beep until you do something about it.

With less running around to do we have had a little more opportunity to connect with the neighbours. Please pray that those relationahips will develop into real friendships and the God would be involved in all of them.

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