Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jenn's Devotional Thought: Names & Relationships

I’ve been drawn lately to Psalms 27. I just love the way that it describes the Psalms desire for a relationship with God. There is some passion here, a desire to continually be in His presence.

I don’t exactly know why but this morning it made me think about my paternal Grandmother and the difference between my sister and I. You see my Grandmother had all boys and my sister was the first Granddaughter. So, we have all of these beautiful sweaters and things that she made my sister when she was little. My mom tells the story of my Grandmother taking my sister for the weekend and telling my mom not to bother to send any clothes instead she came home with a bag of new ones. My sister had a great relationship with my Grandmother. I on the other hand, was named after my Grandmother (don’t ask because I won’t tell—she didn’t like the name either!), but I never had the opportunity to know my Grandmother. She died of cancer a couple months before I was born. The only relationship I have with her is sharing a name and a few photos and some hand me downs from my sister.

I am afraid that too often our Christian walk is the difference between my sister’s relationship with my Grandmother and mine. God offers us a deep, intimate and personal relationship the kind that you hate to leave behind, but instead we opt for a name and some hand me downs.

I hope that you are aware of how much the God of the Universe loves you and wants to know you and spend time with you today. Can you find some time to “pencil Him in” to your week this week?


Janna said...

Beautifully written, Jenn.
So often, when I sit down with my Bible and start to read and pray, I feel such joy and peace and wonder, "Why do I often skip this in my day or see it as an obligation? Why do I have to "pencil Him in?"" It's sad. That's one thing about King David - he may have messed up big time, but he had a deep, passionate love for God - a real relationship - and I want that too.
Thank you for this reminder!

Tim and Richelle said...

Beautiful thoughts... and so true. Thanks, Jenn.