Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

What a crazy weekend! It started on Friday when we took the boys to school and stayed for the special Good Friday Assembly where the whole school took us through the passion week. They started with the triumphal entry where all the elementary students waved branches and cloaks and laid them down for Jesus to walk on—unfortunately the donkey never got properly detached from the cart to allow Jesus to ride him through the crowd this time. Cole was especially excited because he got to be one of Jesus disciples for that part. Then different classes acted out different portions of the story ending with the staff re-enacting the resurrection.

Saturday we woke up to find a dead bunny in the rabbit cage. Ben and Cole had used their money from good report cards to buy themselves baby rabbits a week ago. Ben’s rabbit had died in the night. So our Saturday morning plans were traded in for a “funeral” and deep conversation about death and the life to come. Ben was absolutely heart broken. When I tried to contact one of Ben’s friends to arrange a play date for the afternoon, it was too late and they were already busy with their Saturday plans—which was maybe for the better because he might not have been the best company.

That afternoon Dave was scheduled to speak at a youth picnic. One of the churches we have been working with had arranged to use someone’s mango grove just outside of town for the afternoon. The few church youth (ie, anyone over fifteen who isn’t married) had been instructed to invite a non-christian friend. Inspired by the morning events Dave talked about death and Christ’s resurrection and was impressed with the response.

Sunday morning consisted of two services. The English service that we usually participate in on Sunday nights had a special Easter service at 7am with finger foods after and then the church that had the picnic the day before had their service at 9am. I had the fun experience of getting to Sunday school with the boys and having the person responsible turn to me and say do you have something prepared for this morning I am just too tired to do this. Dave found it hilarious to look out and find me scrambling to lead a Sunday school program totally unprepared and not only working in one, but two languages that I have limited knowledge of. God is extremely gracious, but I can’t say that I communicated all that well. Hopefully, I at least communicated an interest in them and Christ’s love.

That night at 9:45pm we got a phone call from the woman I had been discipling that had gone back to her home town. She was on our way to our house, her bus was just arriving in town. So, we have a house guest for the next few weeks and she will house sit while we are in Ghana. Please pray that she will have better luck finding work and be able to move out on her own again or that she will be able to get the visa that she wants to visit her cousin in France.

Hope your Easter was a little more restful then ours!

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Anonymous said...

wow... that was quite the weekend. We hope that Ben is feeling better. We have been praying for him.
And will be praying for your house guest too...