Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Crazy Week!

This week has been crazy. Dave got a driving infraction for something he didn’t do, which meant a trip to the police station to pick up his license (when you get a ticket here they take your license away and you can pick it up at the police station when you pay the fine). We thought we had made arrangements to meet with one person and found out that we had made arrangements with someone else (same title, completely different organization). But it didn’t really matter in the long run because we were stood up anyway. We found out that a friend had been sick with typhoid fever for ten days and we weren’t even aware of it. We received a package from home 4 months late that the post office kindly charged us to store (even though we had come looking for it 3 times earlier and they told us it didn’t exist!) We also found out that the airport employees are on strike so Air France isn’t landing here. (Please pray that they work things out in the next ten days before a group comes from Brantford to see us.) Oh and I forgot to mention our Manioc “tree” that provides most of the shade in our front yard crashed in a rainstorm last night. At least it provided a great deal of entertainment for the kids on the street and we shared the stock with our neighbours so at the end of the rainy season they will be enjoying the roots. All this and the week is only half over.

On the positive side, I learned how to do the paperwork so that I can trade in my Canadian driver’s license for a Nigerién one, hopefully that will go through without any problems because my international driver’s license has just expired. We were told by a friend that it would take a week to ten days, but when I took it in to the office on Tuesday they told me to come back on Friday. Maybe I just had the right time of year for this. Until then I’ll let Dave do the driving.

Dave has been having some interesting conversations with a neighbour friend recently. You can pray for Moussa. He has also posted on Facebook (although our connection at home is too slow to do much). It has been nice to hear who he has been able to reconnect with through that.

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