Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last week we had a major rain storm that rained most of the night and on into the day. In the morning when I went out to pay the water bill we discovered that the heavy rains had caused the ground around our false septic to cave. We've since had it filled in but it was a good excuse to stand in the street and chat while it was there. A more common occurence during rainy season is frequent power outages. When we lived here before it seemed I could predict a rain storm because it was always prefaced by a short blackout. This summer things are different. We've consistent power outages since our return and they seem to be progressively getting worse. In the last two days we have had roughly two hours of power, that is one hour a day--it's just come back on which is why I'm quickly typing this out. The information that slowly seems to be trickling out is that Nigeria our countries only source of electricity has virtually cut the country off, though no official explanation as to why has been offered. We are in the finishing stages of our seminary course work (which is due Friday) but the battery on the laptop doesn't last forever... What's of a greater concern is the fact that when the power goes out so does the pump at the local water tower and after a couple of hours there is no water in the tap. We do have back up reserve of water for just such occasions, but with the little information we've been getting, there is no knowing how long this will last. Please pray for us as we've attempt to finish our assignments as I prepare to preach this Sunday at a local church.

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Loreli said...

It's always good to catch up on your posts, but I can empathize somewhat with your frustration about power outages and acting like an "idiot." Please know that I am saying a prayer for you!
I'm also interested in hearing more about your leadership retreat that your are planning in Niamey. We hope to do one in February in Accra, also. So keep us posted on that!