Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend of Celebrations

This past weekend was definitely a weekend of celebrations. We started by celebrating my dad’s birthday with my whole family actually being there. My sister and her family had double cause for celebration because the deal on the house that they thought they had bought and then thought that they hadn’t actually did go through. (If you didn’t catch that –they took possession of a new house in Fonthill on Friday!)

From there we were off to the Jennings Family Reunion on Saturday where we had loads of fun reconnecting with Jenn’s mom’s family (any guesses where she gets her name?). The neighbours even got in on the action by providing additional entertainment—their hay bales caught on fire bringing the local volunteer fire fighters. Then Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day and even Cole and Ben got in on the action as the Sewing Circle at Zion FMC presented them with new quilts to take back to Niger. Yes, they do use a quilt in the heat. A lot of the time it is there to look pretty and keep the dust out, but occasionally during the cold season when the temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius you will find the boys curled up under heavy blankets in Niger. For that matter Ben wore a heavy sweatshirt and long pants to school the other day when it was hot here and the humidity was high. I don’t know if he was just trying to get ready for Niger or he had spent too long with us packing in the basement and didn’t realize how hot it was outside.

Please pray for us as we take our last road trip this weekend to present at the Deep River Church. I am afraid that we are a little distracted with all that there is left to do and I hope that we will be able to do the service justice. We received an answer to prayer this past week and were able to make arrangements to book a place to stay at the SIL guest house in Niamey for at least the first couple of weeks in Niger (they have a big conference on Aug. 5 so we will have to be out by then). Please also keep in mind Sahel Academy (You can check out their website at: ) . We still aren’t sure if there will be a teacher for Cole’s class next year.

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