Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Exciting News!

We just got word today that we have been official appointed to Niger for missionary service by the Free Methodist Church in Canada. I guess that makes it official that we are going back. We are in the process of working out the details for returning and hope to be flying out on July 16 arriving July 17. I may try to get together a supplemental newsletter for before we leave because I don’t know how long it will take us to get established when we get there and what kind of access that we will have to the internet (and/or other forms of communication at least while we are trying to find housing and things.)
You can pray for all of the arrangements that need to come together over the next little while and I would appreciate it if you would remember my Dad in prayer as he recovers from knee replacement surgery over the next few weeks. Also, we are heading to Arlington Woods FMC this weekend where we will be giving a much abrieviated version of our presentation (10-15 minutes instead of 25) because they are having presentations from 3 different missions groups all in the same service. Please pray that God will be at work in the service and will use us to minister to the needs of the people there and that we can communicate something meaningful in that time.


James and Cindy said...

Hi Jenn and Dave.....
James and Cindy here....glad that we found your blog....We leave for Niamey July 19th from that where you are leaving from? We finish french study NEXT WEEK....YAHOOOOO...then the farewells start.
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See you soon!

Beth said...

Wow! Has this year flown by or what? I can't believe it's time already for you guys to be heading back to Niger. I trust that you will be clear-minded in this last month as I am sure you have so much to think about and do in preparation for your return. I'll be praying that God will prepare a great home for you in Niger as well. How are the boys doing? I hope they are getting excited about their return to Niger, too. Please tell them I said, "Hi."