Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dave signs in

Thanks for remembering Jenn's Dad. He's home from surgery but is having trouble with some kind reaction producing blisters.
Last Thursday Jenn met with a group of ladies from Welland at Esther Teal's home. They had a great evening of sharing together and getting dressed up.
On the weekend we decided to pick up the boys at lunch hour on Friday to head up to Ottawa. We spent the night at the Pilot's in Almonte, where the boys had a great time playing with Nathan and Natalie. Gerry cooked up a great breakfast for us the next morning, and then we headed out to the Museum of Science and Technology, where the boys had a great time checking out old trains, watching things explode and getting all revved up! In the evening we had a BBQ at the Hagget's and then the boys settled down in their hot tub. The following day we had a very warm response to our presentation at the Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church and quiet ride home.

Monday we visited Cole and Ben's classes at Meadowvale School where did a one hour presentation on Niger. The children were very attentive and enjoyed getting dressed up as well as seeing pictures and objects from our adventures in Niger.

I completed the papers for my last seminary course last week. I had hoped to take another course this week but we have just too much to accomplish in the next few weeks before we get on a plane. I am disappointed but am also attempting to set up a reading course or two for next year while I'm in Niger.


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Cindy said...

Can hardly wait to catch up with you guys in Niamey!!