Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What a Ride

I'm posting from New Haven, Conneticut tonight, where jennifer and I are talking a weeklong course at the Overseas Missionary Study Centre. Our journey was a an arduous one. Sunday night my brother called and said, "There's an ice storm coming, are you sure you're flying out tomorrow morning?" As it turned out we sat on the runway for an hour and half, not because of ice in Buffalo but because of weather trouble in Philadelphia, where we missed our connecting flight. We boarded a later flight and rolled a short ways down the tarmac and then stopped. A few moments later the capitain came on the P.A. announcing a mechanical failure, aborting the flight... Back at the terminal they offered to book us on the next flight, only to find that it was already full. Then our flight was cancelled altogether, then finally they found another a plane to swap and we finally got out of Philly. As soon as the cabin opened in New Haven, the ground attendant said, "We didn't think you'd get in here with all this fog." The later flight was in fact cancelled, whether for fog or some other reason I don't know. The Study Centre was overbooked and so they've put us up in a hotel nearby and we're commuting with some Catholic Brothers who are also participating in the course.

Jennifer will be doing some reading and writing from the course to get credit towards our ordination. Macmaster however has set up a reading course for me based on the seminar syllabus. I have to find all thirteen of the books on the recommended reading list and read them for mid-February. I'm a little anxious not only about reading them but finding them--only four were in the library at Macmaster and Amazon will take a few months to get the rest shipped out.

Please pray that the rest of our week is less eventful than the start, and that we are to find and read all the books to get through our assignments.

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