Friday, January 26, 2007

Tales from the Revolving Suitcase

Have you ever had one of those jobs that just never end? I have a suitcase that never seems to get completely emptied and maybe that is not a bad thing when you are going to a new place every weekend, but it has caused some problems in the last little while. You see I assume that there are certain things in that suitcase so that I don't have to pack them everytime that we go somewhere, but these last few weeks have been so crazy that I had to pack a number of different suitcases (and do some quick changes of content into our standard suitcase) in order to cover the bases. We were in Campbellford on Sat./Sun then flew to NewHaven, CT for the week (minus two litttle boys), only to turn around a go to Dresden and Wallaceburg for the next Sunday. You see my problem. But God is gracious and the things that were left behind or forgotten were only somewhat minor--Dave really didn't need his jacket in order to preach on Sunday and who really needs shampoo! Oh well hopefully life will slow down a little or my brain will start to pick up the pace in order to keep on track of the details.

We really enjoyed our time in Campbellford. The pictures this week are from there (we forgot to take the camera to New Haven and then is died in Oil Springs on the way to Dresden). They did a wonderful job of welcoming us and the boys made a new friend in George, the retriever.

New Haven was a good experience too. We studied under Dr. Darryl Whiteman an anthropologist that "used to be Free Methodist"--his description not mine. I found that a lot of the things that I had learned from various different sources came together this week and he was able to tie up a few loose ends for me. I think that Dave came away with more questions than answers though, because Dr. Whiteman was working from a cultural perspective and Dave was looking for more theological responses.

The boys seemed to have a good time with Paul Griffin. We are blessed to have him for a friend and for his willingness and availability to serve. None of them looked the worse for wear when we got home and the boys said that they did eat while we were gone. So, Paul's cooking couldn't have been that bad.

This last weekend in Dresden and Wallaceburg were great. The boys got to see where Grandma went to high school and we met old friends (some even remembered when I was 2 and lived on the farm with my Grandparents) and made some new ones. It is so great to be apart of the family of God.
Please pray for us this weekend as we have been given some new opportunities (and challenges) as we go to Whitby. Also pray for our studies, Dave is doing an additional reading course this semester that has some pretty tight deadlines and I am trying to prepare for my Ministerial Candidate Interview, write an essay for my International studies course and do some of the reading and writing assignments for the anthropology course we just took, in addition to all our regular responsibilities. I also have to plan a birthday party for Ben--if you have any ideas for that let me know. Thanks for all the encouragement and support! We look forward to seeing you on our travels!

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