Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Day To Myself

I am amazed to think that I got a whole day to myself today. I can't remember the last time that happened. The boys have gone ahead of me to Aunt Sandy's and Uncle Jeff's with Grandpa to have a visit with Lawren and Will. Dave is taking an ethics class in Brantford for his master's program and I am home alone working on my course work and just enjoying time to myself. Dave & I will be heading off to join the rest of the troops to help celebrate Will's birthday when he gets back from Brantford.

With regards to my course work I have been reading a book on John Wesley and I find it interesting that when he established societies he would organize his people into bands of 4-8 people of the same sex and similar maturity in Christ if possible, because he believed that every Christian needed a small intimate place to share the concerns of his life and common experiences as well as to find support. I didn't realize that this was a part of the early Methodist experience, but I know that I have benefited from these types of groups over the years. If you aren't apart of one at the moment, I would encourage you to find an group that will support you and hold you accountable for your faith. If you don't know of one, talk to your pastor and see if he might give you some advise about starting one.

Points of praise and prayer:

The Christmas Eve service here in St.Catharines went very well and has had some positive outcomes. Pray that God would continue His work in the lives of those who were touched.

Pray for our French language learning--the school that we were all attending on Saturday mornings has said that they don't have an appropriate program for Ben & Cole on Saturdays. Pray that that will change or that something else will come along.

Pray that the giving stream pledges from our supporting churches will come in and meet our needs for 60% soon so that we can start to make arrangements to return to Niger.

Pray for the church plant that we left behind in Niger. We have been told that a prominent healing evangelist is planning on holding meetings there in the next little while.

Please pray for the boys and Paul Griffin, who will be babysitting them, while we are at a seminar in New Haven. And that Dave & I will be able to make up the work that we miss from our other courses that week.

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