Saturday, September 27, 2014

A week in the Wright household

Last Sunday night we came home and found people waiting for us. One little boy who knew us from the old neighbourhood told us his father couldn't pay the rent and was being threatened with eviction. The mother from the wedding a couple of weeks ago showed up with her little brother to say that her father was ill. I had taken the old man to the clinic a year ago (his medical file says he's 98). I spent the morning at the clinic with him at the clinic. He apparently lives on sheep and goats milk and refuses most other food. We had skype meeting scheduled with our boss but discovered that afternoon that half the outlets on the main floor were dead but none of the breakers were tripped. Thus began three days of visits with the electrician trying to troubleshoot the problem working through bad wiring in couple of places to finally find a faulty breaker. Thursday the dorm kids arrived for the weekend because Friday was a PD day for Jennifer and three are staying with us so the dorm parents can have a weekend off.  One was still recovering from some kind of illness going around the dorm (slight fever, sore throat and cough). Friday we took them into the school to eat with the teachers because I had luncheon meeting provided by the Canadian embassy. The school sent home leftovers from their lunch which we had had for supper (spring rolls/nems and Cantonese rice). The school had an all night lock in starting at 7 pm. Jennifer and I were looking forward to a quiet evening at home but she had an upset stomach and decided to go to bed. I decided to work on my sermon for Sunday. Around midnight I got a call from the school saying Cole wasn't feeling well and wanted to come home. He ended up vomiting out the window several times on the way home. When we got home Jennifer informed us that she also had started exploding at both ends. Cole was sure it was supper so I called the school to warn them  and waited awhile lest another call should come. This morning I brought the rest of the boys home and half way one of them said I think I might be sick. He was sitting in the middle of the back seat so I quickly pulled over so he could leave his breakfast on the side of the road. Jennifer is still running to the toilet but I think I'm only having sympathy pains so far....

This was Dave's recounting of our week only he neglected to add the situation on the home front: His sister-in-law lost her brother (I believe the funeral is sometime today) and we were told that the tenants in our town house maybe leaving (just when we had a new furnace installed for them). Through it all God has been so good to us, I am totally amazed! It must have a lot to do with your prayers for us. Thanks for keep us in your prayers.

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