Saturday, June 21, 2014

Insufficient for the Task?

It has been an intense week with lots of power cuts and friends leaving the country (unfortunately both are just facts of life here). In fact I am writing this at 3am simply because the power is finally stable and I can’t sleep. We are told that the power cuts are due to work on the lines and we are grateful that they have been way better than a year ago at this time (when we were lucky to have an hour or two a day), but it is still frustrating when you are trying to get work done and you can’t. Our situation is also complicated by the fact that when the power is out for extended periods of time our water is cut (because the water tower needs electricity to power the pumps that keep the water pressure going), so it gets to be a vicious cycle.

We have had cause to rejoice in hearing that at least part of the team will be coming in August! Thanks to those who have been praying about this. Please keep praying for them as they have to get their paperwork together and have lots of decisions to make.

Please pray for Dave as he tries to finish up his marking for the bible school and preparing for the student’s defense of their final papers, in addition to getting ready to take a couple classes himself this summer and his usual jobs (like taking a turn preaching this Sunday). Pray that he would be able to make the most of his time and focus on the task at hand regardless of the circumstances.

Please pray for me that I would be able to get accomplished what I need to for the courses that I am taking this summer and be able to balance that with the needs of family and ministry.

Please also pray for the great people that are ending their time of ministry here:  that God would be directing them to what He has in store for the next stage of their lives. They will be deeply missed and it is hard to say goodbye.  Pray for the gaps that they leave behind that others would come along to fill them. Pray that others would come to work alongside us. We recognise that we are insufficient for the task, but thankfully God supplies all our needs.

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Deb said...

Jen, I think of you guys often, and then pray for you, the tasks you have to accomplish, and the Spirit to give strength, patience, and endurance.
Thankyou for being there for Jenz and Joel. And for being an encouragement to me.
Love Deb