Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lightening Strikes --Roll With It

Yesterday morning we awoke to an incredibly loud clap of thunder that sounded almost simultaneously with a brilliant flash of lightening. I wasn't sure whether it had struck our house, a nearby power line or the power plant that is only a few buildings away from where we live, but I was certain that it must have done some damage just by the sheer force of the impact. This was quickly confirmed when all our ceiling fans went from full speed to barely moving and we checked the regulator on the fridge that should read 220V and it was fluctuating between 80 -100V. Which is really not good for anything that was trying to run!

We reported to the electric company and where told that we would be put on there list but where a bit concerned that they wouldn't get to us that day and we knew that nothing would happen the next day because of the Ramadan holiday. I asked some teachers at the boys' school if they would pray because I knew that they were meeting to pray for various school concerns. When we checked in with some of our neighbours we discover that the problem extended into much of the neighbourhood.

Thankful we were only without power for twelve hours and things are running normally now but it really interfered with my plans to get computer work done. Dave just kept reminding me that this was life in Niger and not to expect too much, but to "roll with it". I confess that there are times when it is easier to "roll with it" than others and this was just one more complication added to a long list of them over the last few weeks as I have been trying to get ready for school (that starts next week) as well as keep on top of my church/ministry/mission work. Please pray for me that I would continue to be able to "roll with it" and not get pulled under by the set backs. Pray that we would be able to maintain our spiritual, emotional and physical energy even in the face of difficulties. And please pray for the boys' school that everyone would be ready to go next week when classes are scheduled to begin and that this would be a really good school year, despite some staffing gaps.

PS Sorry the last post was just a family picture there was other comments that I wanted to make but ran into technical difficulties :)

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Kelly Pulham said...

I can surely understand your stress about not being able to use the computer to prepare for back to school. I'll pray that the time you do have will be especially productive, and that God will help you to be flexible as life in Niger throws curves at you.