Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A God Day

Dave describes a "God Day" as one of those days when everything goes crazy but still seems to work out because you are walking with God and He is organizing and planning the day even though it makes no sense to you. We have been having a few of these lately.

A week ago Saturday was one of them, we went to go shopping but instead ended up taking a sick old man to the clinic. However, just before we arrived there the clutch in the truck died (completely, I mean there was nothing there!). But it just so happened that we were around the corner on a quiet side street, and we were able to make it to the clinic without having to stop. So the truck died in the parking lot. God arranged for our mechanic to send one of his guys to come and get it (even though the garage was closed that day) and the mechanic's assistant was able to get the sick man and his family home. We were also taken care of because the doctor is a neighbour of ours and not only was she at the clinic with a vehicle (even though it was her day off) but her husband was there too with a second vehicle, so there was plenty of room to get home.

Today was another one our neighbour who we thought we were taking to the clinic for a sore mouth and arm, turned out to be anemic and severely malnourished. The doctor was really surprised by her test results because she was still walking around and seeming to function when her condition was such that she needed to be hospitalized for a blood transfusion. So, instead of doing what I had thought I would be doing (school work and preparation for our church retreat this weekend) I ended up waiting in lines at the National hospital. Even with the abrupt change in plans I can still look back on the day and say that I got somethings accomplished, maybe not what I had in mind but probably better than most. That has to be a God thing!

Please pray for Dave as he finishes his preparations for speaking at the church retreat this weekend (I am not sure he can afford too many more interruptions--but I am sure that God can take care of that). Pray for all those that are involved that they may be able to learn and apply the skills and concepts that Dave is hoping to teach. Pray for the boys that they will be able to communicate and help with the kids program. Pray for me that I don't get stretched too thin wearing too many hats. Also please pray for health and protection, the mosquitos seem to be really bad this year and with that is an increased risk of malaria.

PS We just got a call from the school that there will be no school tomorrow because of the threat of the river flooding. Please pray that the measures that have been put into place would be sufficient to protect the school campus this year.

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