Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Continuing Christmas?

There are some advantages to celebrating Christmas in Niger. For starters the commercialism isn’t as prevalent, but the one that I am appreciating today is the fact that the holiday lasts a whole lot longer here. Yesterday, I went to the post office and received a bunch of Christmas cards and anniversary cards (our anniversary is Dec. 28th). It was great to know that so many of you were thinking of us and I am really grateful for your prayers for rest.

Dave has completed three of the four chapters that he needs to write for his thesis and is on the final stretch but has the added pressure of knowing that it needs to be completed by the end of the month. Please pray that he would be able to keep focused on the task and that God would be directing him as this is the key chapter where he develops his ministry plan.

The boys and I are enjoying being back to school even if it is a bit of a stretch to get going in the mornings again. (A 7:30 start time can be rough when you have to drive across town to get there). Here are new pictures of them from the New Year's Day celebration at the church.

For those who are following the construction closely here is the latest development. You will notice in the picture the orange tubes. In Niger, they use those tubes to run the electrical wiring for buildings. The electrician has positioned them for the outlets and lighting on the main floor and the cement is starting to be poured for the flooring. Please pray that this work is done well. We have been in numerous buildings that have had problems with their electrical work and the risk with the flooring is cracks that will allow termites entrance.

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