Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quiet Days of Craziness

We locked Dave in the spare room this week in order for him to get somewhere with writing his thesis (I think that he is about a chapter or two behind). It seemed to have been working until today. I was outside hanging clothes on the line when I heard him yelling "turn it off!" I guess there was smoke and a big poof sound that he had been responding to. One of the boys (who will remain nameless) had plugged in the tv and wii to the 220V plug on the transformer instead of the 110V. Dave was afraid for all who were in the room and reacted a little loud--making those involved all the more scared. Luckily, the smoke is clearing and nothing seems to have caught on fire. We are waiting to see if the tv or the wii will work (it will be a slightly sad Christmas, if there is nothing to play the new games on), but we are truly grateful that no one was hurt (except maybe Dave's concentration).

It doesn't look like we will be able to get away for our holidays with the amount of work that Dave has (his first draft is due Feb.1 and he has two and a part chapters to write in that time). But I have been enjoying some restful days of Christmas baking and reading between the regular routine of caring for the family and checking on the building progress. (It looks like we have a foundation now --pictures will follow shortly). Hopefully we will all find some refreshment before we return to the regular school schedule.

We had neighbours from our old neighbourhood come and visit last night and invite us to a wedding this Saturday. When I mentioned it to my house helper he said, "You are going right? Because you are pretty important to them if they went to the trouble of going out of their way to invite you." Please pray that we would continue to make good relationships and that God would use them for His glory.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

PS. It looks like the wii is ok and it is just the tv that is toast (which is very good because it is much easier to replace).

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