Friday, April 13, 2012

Thesis proposal

Yesterday I sent off a rough draft of my proposal. Now I am waiting to find out how much revision it needs before he'll send it on to the approval committee, (assuming he will). Essentially what I've proposed is putting together a ministry plan for our church planting work in Niger. Though it will require lots of writing (the thesis is supposed to be roughly 80 pages), it will be focused on what we are actually doing in Niger, and actually be a resource for our ministry.

I'm looking forward to allowing my brain and my reading stray a little further afield for the next few weeks though if all of this goes through, I'll be back to more focused reading in the near future to get the ball rolling on my research.

Last weekend we enjoyed a weekend off, visiting family.  Now that Jennifer's parents have returned from Florida the boys have decided to start taking more weekends off of travelling and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. This is probably a good thing on a couple of fronts: the boys will not only get a day off everyweek but they will have a little more stability in their, get to make the most of their time with Grandma before heading back Niger and its probably better that they not listen to the same sermon from their father every week. It does put a little logistical snag in our program though since Cole has ben running the power point my message. The timing is good since we're looking at 12 hr travel time for each of the next three weekends.

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