Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sleep Deprivation and Other Distractions

We are battling with the elements these days and I think the elements may have the upper hand, especially at night. Hot season is still in full swing and our air conditioner is less than cooperative, choosing to rattle and bang at will and without forewarning, but I must say that Dave is getting pretty quick at pressing buttons on the remote in his attempts to tame the beast in the night. If the air conditioner was our only struggle, I think we might have the upper hand, but unfortunately we are also waging war against cockroaches that come visiting. I thought we had them under control last week after a lengthy battle that included spray (designed to kill, but really only useful for smoking them out into the open and slowing them down) and many flying shoes. We did succeed in having a few peaceful nights after that battle, but last night they found reinforcements. I almost slept the first half of the night while they seemed to focus on Dave, but toward the wee hours of the morning he was sleeping and I knew why he had been complaining about the bugs!

Not surprisingly the worst nights have been on the days when we have felt like we were starting to make some progress with our ministry. Friends that we have been working with for awhile have started to ask spiritual questions and we invited someone to come and study the bible with us this afternoon. I am so glad that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness; with the lack of sleep I am feeling pretty weak and I have the additional task of covering Cole’s bible class this week as his teacher is out of town.

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The Five Nomads said...

I am praying for you! We have also found a good bug guy and a pretty good a/c guy if you want their numbers! Hoping you have a peaceful day, b