Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Reminders of Love

There are times when all it takes is a little whispered, “I love you” to turn your day around. I know some teenagers that that is all it would take to have their heads spinning for days! I think I had one of those moments where you sense God whispering “I love you”. I don’t mean to say that I have joined the ranks of Joan of Arc and I am now hearing voices, but I had one of those coincident that I would like to think was God answering a prayer that I hadn’t made yet.
Last week within a couple of hours of posting about my bug problem there was a knock at my front door and a man I had never seen before said that he was in the neighbourhood and had just finished spraying my neighbour’s yard for bugs and would I like him to do mine too. The timing was so perfect, that I have to believe it was God providing for me and reminding me that he loves me. My bug battles aren’t completely over since my yard was sprayed, which isn’t all that surprising having watched the way the guy applied it! But I did get a better night’s sleep.
How has God been whispering, “I love you” to you? Are you looking for it?

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