Saturday, March 7, 2009


It’s Saturday, my only day in the week to sleep in, so what am I doing up at 3am? It might have something to do with the fact that it is 33C and this is the coolest time of the day. Yes, the hot season has arrived! But, I can’t complain about the heat, in fact as I write this there is a nice cool breeze coming in my window. I think it probably has more to do with stress and too much work to do. In addition to my regular work—which got a little behind when we had someone staying with us, I have been having to do all the cleaning because the person who was working for me left about 3 weeks ago. But enough whining for one day…
This week, I have been thinking about treasures. You see I found a jar of real cherry jam in the store at a reasonable price (which is a big thing when you haven’t had cherries in two years). So, I bought it and was saving it for when the other jar of jam that we had open was done. Well, one of the boys went looking for something on the shelf and sent my jar of jam smashing all over the kitchen floor. Then the next day the same thing happened to my Tim Horton’s coffee that I had been rationing so carefully—ouch! I realize that these are just things (and because they are edible, extremely temporary). But how often to we put our trust or our expectations in things that can never fully satisfy or at best temporarily satisfy? (And why exactly do we take comfort in food?—but that is another story) And how often do we take for granted our relationships that provide the most satisfaction in our lives? If you are reading this from Canada, think of me the next time you pass a Tim Horton’s and let someone special know how much you appreciate them. Oh, and you have my permission to treat yourself, just this once!
Please pray for our stamina at this difficult time of year and that the electric company will do the work that we need done at our house soon, so that me might be able to use our air conditioners and that we don’t lose anymore appliances or lights than we already have. Also pray for the man that has been visiting with Dave recently to learn about the bible.

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