Friday, January 18, 2008

There is darkness and then there is darkness...

Darkness is taking on a whole new meaning for me these days. With the power outages starting a 6am (or sometimes earlier—so I am writing this a 4:30 if it lacks all sense you can understand why) and with having to get up at 6 to get everyone off to school, I have learned how dark night can really be. Usually during the night there are security lights or street lights that you take for granted, or at least I do. I frequently wander around my house “in the dark” so as not to wake anyone. But it is totally different when there is no power in the neighbourhood! Please pray that we will graciously cope with this inconvenience and will still get to school on time.

Thanks to all of you that have been praying for our New Year’s requests. I found out this week that there is someone who will be coming to teach Cole’s class in the summer which is an answer to prayer. Continue to remember Ben who doesn’t have a teacher for the 2008/2009 year yet. Both Ben and Cole are on the recovery from being sick (another item of praise).

I also asked for prayer for peace in Niger with the trouble in the North. Please continue to remember that situation. We had a incident about a week ago where a land mine exploded in another section of town. We are not sure whether it is related or not because no one has claimed responsibility for it. We are not at risk because we live very near a paved road and travel mostly on pavement, but you can pray that God will use this situation for His glory.

Sorry there aren’t pictures the connections are a bit slow, but maybe I’ll be able to add something later from the boys school (if there generator is working!).

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