Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Planned Power Outage

Well I guess that Christmas is finally over for me. I am eating the last of the Christmas chocolates and it doesn’t matter what I do to make them last they always disappear too fast! But, I have been given some motivation to clean them up a little earlier than usual this year. We were told yesterday that we could expect power outages starting tomorrow from 6 am to 6 pm everyday for a month! At least these power outages are planned and we were warned about them. (Two steps above the usual!) They are trying to improve the system between here and Nigeria as so it will effect the whole country (except those places that never have power!). I’m not sure what will happen to my stuff in the fridge and freezer. So I figure, why risk the chocolate! I’ll take a picture so I can drool over it in a few weeks time when I am longing for Canadian chocolate!

Please pray for Cole, he is running a fever and feeling kind of miserable. (Believe it or not this is the way that he rests on the couch!) You can also pray for our car. It was supposed to go in for two days of repairs (to redo the clutch) tomorrow, but we aren’t sure how that will work if the garage doesn’t have power!

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