Saturday, February 20, 2016


Elections look a little different here. We see banners of flags strung across streets in the colours of the various candidates parties (I believe there are 15 different candidates running for president this time). In some traffic circles they intersect making colourful spiderwebs in the sky. Posters are plastered on street signs. vehicles. support pillars, on larger billboards or basically anywhere someone thinks they might be seen (and usually in large quantities). Candidates rent billboards and there are shacks or tents put up around town decorated in the appropriate colours to meet with other likeminded individuals in the evenings. Not to mention the parades of vehicles that will drive through town honking horns and showing off their parties colours. All this to say, tomorrow is election day here in Niger.
Please pray for a peaceful election and that God would be at working putting into power individuals that will put the good of the nation ahead of their own self interests. That we might continue to live and work in a peaceful place.

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