Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ten Days with the Wrights by Doreen Redcliffe

"It is who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for those who are simply and honestly themselves before Him in their worship.” John 4:23-24,   The Message

Jenn & Dave’s lives as Christ worshippers are seen in their interactions with anyone they meet. Although sometimes western dress is seen, they are careful to wear African clothes, greet people properly—even when in a hurry, and show utmost respect for the culture and country where they work.

During our visit we experienced a heavy rainfall. With no sewage or drainage systems in the area, flooding soon caused havoc on the roads. We saw an 18 wheeler coming with water above its tires. When Jenn’s turn came to navigate the water, she prayed for guidance & protection and started through. The water was up to the headlights on their 4x4. On the other side of the water we were able to get much needed gas, watch guys pushing vehicles out of the water and praise God for safety. Jenn shared her praise with the attendant at the gas station who laughed and agreed. Their lifestyle shows their worship.

We had the privilege of attending the 6th anniversary of the first Free Methodist Church in Niger. Although it was hot and humid, the Wright’s dressed according to African custom. Jenn wore a head covering in spite of the heat. The service was in French with lively singing and everyone participating. Together we shared communion. During visiting time after the service Dave & Jenn were very careful to follow African protocol and show their love for this church family. Once again, their lifestyle shows their worship.

One day while running errands, the car started to jerk and lose power and stall. In Niamey traffic this is not good.  As episodes became more frequent,  Jennifer decided to go to the mechanics. Since the car needed major work, she called Dave to come and get us. After completing more errands we headed home to put away the solar cooker. Just then the wind came up and clouds rolled in. There was just enough time to put away the solar cooker and close windows before the rain started. Rain came fast and hard as did the leaks. Basins & pails were used to catch the water. During dinner Dave felt drops on his head. He quietly got a bowl and held it to catch drops while conversations continued. At these trying times they praised God for the many positive things happening. They show their worship in difficulties. What a privilege to be here and experience a little of life in Niamey with the Wright family.

Praise God for:
 -safe travel from Germany and visitors from Canada.
 -Protection and safety when the car broke down and the roads washed out.
Pray for:
-Ben, Cole Dave & Jenn as a new school year, with new challenges begins next week.
-rest for Jenn & Dave who are exhausted
-guidance for next steps in the building process & ministry
-strength to show God’s love in numerous daily upsets

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