Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Under The Sun

I think the sun and the stress of life under its intense heat has sent us all a bit loopy this week, but loopy is much better than the alternative which is usually miserable. At least that is my explanation of the latest attempt at a family photo.

We have also faced the disappointment of hearing that half of the team that we were expecting in August will be unable to make it. Please pray for the rest of the work team that this setback would not be too discouraging and that all the details will come into place for them to come. Pray also for clear communication with those involved, for some reason that I can't explain some of the emails that are being sent aren't getting through to me.
 Cole would also appreciate your prayers for him as he is in the process of writing his IGCSE exams (these are special exams that come out of Cambridge University for international students).

Please also pray that we can keep our eyes fixed on Jesus so that life under the sun is really Life under the SON.

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