Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lots to be excited about...

I have had a surprising number of questions about my solar cooker blog so I thought that I should follow up by saying that I am still using it but with the days getting shorter and the harmattan winds starting to blow the dust in from the desert there has been less opportunity to do so. This is the before and after of one of my recent endeavours chill and baked potatoes.

We are truly blessed to be able to spend this Christmas with family and as the boys (and our parents) get older we realize how precious it is to be able to celebrate special days together. I hope that you are able to take advantage of the holidays to spend time with family and if not that you will be surrogate family for others that need that as well.

We are excited to hear about more groups interested in joining us to work on the Ministry Centre in various ways. Please pray that the right people would be able to come at the right time and that God would be at work in all of the details. The photos are of a recent inspection we made and I am hoping to be able to post the new roof sometime next week! Please pray for the guys that are working on the ministry centre that God would be at work in their lives drawing them to himself. 
Finally a few other items for prayer. There is a young man in our church that has been very active in some of the villages outside of the capital sharing the good news with those who care to listen. Please pray for his protection and safety. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead him to those He is already working with and God would use his efforts to build His church. Pray that we would be able to encourage and direct him in his efforts. Pray also for myself and the boys as we enter into exams next week.

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