Friday, September 20, 2013

Opportunities & Updates

I am praising God that this week I was finally able to complete and send out the newsletter that I started in early August. I had great intentions but God and the electric company/internet company had other ideas, so I am praying that this is God's timing and that it found you at the right moment. If you didn't receive one in your e-mail it means that I either don't have your address or I have a problem with it, so either send me an e-mail or write a comment on this blog (I don't publish comments that have personal information such as e-mail addresses on them).

Notice the road at the back right has become a river!
I was reminded by someone this week that I haven't mentioned the flood since the boys had a "flood day" off from school. The good news is that the water level rose to within a centimetre of where it had flooded the school grounds last year but stopped there and the preventative measures that Sahel Academy (the mission school that Jenn teaches at and the boys attend) and ESPriT (the bible school that Dave teaches at) had put in place held back the waters that did come. The bad news is that the river did flood the dyke in other areas and a number of Nigeriens suffered as a result of the flooding. A number of the gardens along the river were wiped out and that will affect the availability and prices of fresh vegetables for a second year running. Pray for all those affected but especially for those that can least afford it. Pray also that there will not be problems later in the season when the river reaches its peak.

You are officially invited to partner with us in finishing a room in the ministry centre. The exterior work on the building is progressing and hopefully will be completed in the next few months. The next step is to complete the interior so that we can start to use it for leadership training, hopefully establish a new church with neighbours and so that our rent can go towards the costs of the building. But, in order to do that we need people to help finance the work and individuals or teams to come to help see it happen. So if you are interested in laying tiles, installing doors & windows, constructing closets & cupboards, plumbing (or simply installing toilets & sinks), electrical work (or simply installing wall switches & outlets or hanging ceiling fans) or just painting we can find a job for you. This is a ministry project of the FM church in Canada so you can give through the giving streams program of your local church (write the cheque to your church but mark the envelope or comment line "Niger Ministries"). If you are interested in coming, consult your local pastor or church board (maybe there is a group that would like to come together and you will want people praying for you while you are here) and contact us we would love to hear from you! Even more importantly we need your prayers that this process will be safe, timely, glorifying to God and a blessing to His church & the Nigerien people.

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