Saturday, April 13, 2013

Final revisions

Last week I had my thesis defence via skype. I had been anxious about what might happen since neither the power nor our internet service has been reliable for the last month. I had actually looked into getting a back up connection with a cell phone company in case our main connection went down. My stress levels went up a notch when four days before my defense my modem died altogether and took almost 48 hours get the connection up and running again. In the end I felt at peace and didn't bother with the back up. And even though the power went out momentarily and then later the internet connection came to a stand still, we were able to complete the process without serious interruption.

I had been told the defense would have four possible outcomes:
1) pass with no corrections necessary
2) pass with minor revisions
3) pass with major revisions
4) fail with no possibility of correction

At the end the committee decided on door number two and so I have until April 25th to complete the revisions they've asked for. I would appreciate your prayers as we are now in the height of hot season and the humidity is rising and my brain is starting to melt.

The construction is moving closer to the second floor as the builders work towards pouring the cement ceiling. Please pray that things go smoothly and according to plan.

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