Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A "WAWA" Day

It is 3:45 am and I really should be sleeping, but I am not so I thought I would take advantage of the fact that the internet seems to be working right at the moment...
Friends of mine coined the term a "WAWA Day" a few years ago. It stands for "West Africa Wins Again" it was their way of explaining those days that seem to have everything go wrong (and usually have a West African twist). I had a WAWA day on Monday.

I found out the truth about the washing machine that I thought was repaired of Saturday. It can go through some of the right motions and make a lot of noise but doesn't work properly. Now the question is do I pour more money into having someone try again (the repairman didn't really inspire a whole lot of confidence) or just give up and wait until I can replace it! Any chance one of my mechanically inclined friends would like to come for a visit? :)

I had talked to a neighbour about getting someone to come cut my grass. They showed up and started to do the job, but wanted to charge me more than two weeks worth of wages for a day's work (that most kids here would do for free because they can sell the grass --especially this week with Tabaski coming). At that stage, I tried to get rid of the guy by paying him a little bit for the little bit he did but he insisted on doing the job. Unfortunately, Dave was teaching and our night guard had left so I didn't have anyone to back me up. He stayed and I ended up paying him about the equivalent of a week's wages. Oh well, I guess someone will have a good Tabaski that might not have otherwise and it is good to be able to distinguish between the grass and the trees! I just hope that my neighbour who helped him received his share of the money.

Dave took the car in to get somethings repaired and asked the mechanic to look at the air conditioning because it was working some of the time but not really well. Unfortunately, the mechanic that we know and trust doesn't deal with air conditioning himself and has someone else come in. He was able to tell us that the gas isn't the problem, but since than the air hasn't worked at all (although Dave is sure he gets puffs of cooler air on occasion). Of course this happens to be the heart of the mini hot season! So, I guess it is supposed to be going back in today to see if they can find the problem.

I tried to finish putting up the curtain rods (trying to calmly do school work when I was stressing about the washing machine and the men in my yard wasn't working), but the cordless drill that we borrowed started to die so I couldn't get the one rod finished. The desk will have to wait until we can get the charger and recharge the batteries. I guess it just wasn't my day (Dave did get the drill to work long enough to finish the rod on our bedroom).

I am truly grateful that not every day is a WAWA day! Yesterday Dave was able to submit his first chapter of his thesis (I think it was around 30 pages) only a little outside of his original timeline. Praise God! (Now he moves on to the Wesleyan section.)

Please pray that God will bring fruit in spite of (or maybe because of?) the WAWA days. Or maybe, we should pray all that we learn the lessons God would teach us quickly and thoroughly so that the WAWA days are fewer and farther between.

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