Sunday, July 22, 2012

We're Back! Just in Time to say Goodbye

We got back last night from a vacation in Florida. We had a lot of friends and family question that idea of going to Florida in July, but it turned out to be one of the most restful vacations we've had. I don't know that we really did a whole lot, but I guess that was the point. I think I have a greater appreciation for Dave's grandmother's philosophy that you need to have three weeks in order to have a vacation: one to unwind, one to have a vacation and the third to wind up again. Long before we got in the car to head home I found myself winding up again, waking in the night thinking "oh I have to remember to do that", or "I forgot to do that" and I hope I haven't neglected too many people's e-mails, hopefully I'll get caught up on that. But, the time to relax and read some good books was definately worth the drive. I have also run into some technology glitches with our latest e-newsletter that I posted before we left for holidays that I didn't get a chance to resolve--if you were interested and didn't receive it let me know I will try to fix that. This coming week is all about packing, final appointments/prepartions and saying goodbye. Hopefully we will be able to see many of you tomorrow in Brantford to say it in person. And hopefully we will have an internet connection next week when we get back to Niger, so we can update you on life there. In case we don't get to say it in person, thanks for being a part of our ministry and for making our time home in Canada so rewarding. May God bless you until we meet again.

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